Recharge Plus AAA 750mAh Batteries, 4pk

Duracell recharge plus, AAA batteries, 4-pack, NiMH, green

Duracell recharge plus batteries help you get the best from your mid-draining devices like a baby-monitor or a wireless computer mouse. Duracell?s Duralock technology prevents your rechargeable batteries from losing power, so your batteries stay charged for up to 6 months (when not in use) and last for 3 years guaranteed*. Duracell recharge plus are available in sizes AA, AAA.
*retains up to 80 percent of their charge after 6 months, when not in use.
** or 400 recharges, whichever comes first.

- 4-Pack
- Lasts up to 3 years guaranteed or 400 recharges with Duralock Power Preserve technology
- Long-lasting power
- 750 mAh

8,45 €