Fixpoint EP5 digital soldering station, Standing Box - for carrying ou

Goobay EP5 digital soldering station, black

- Large 3.5-digit LCD display (60 × 30 mm) shows actual and target temperature
- Up/down buttons for continuously adjusting temperature settings (1°C increments, display accuracy: 5 per cent)
- Short heating times let you begin work immediately (heats up to 330°C in 90 seconds)
- Quick and easy to switch soldering tips
- Provides a high level of stability while you work, plus 1.1 m cable for sufficient reach
- Average service life of heating element in soldering iron: approx. 500 hours
- Included in delivery: soldering station, soldering iron (approx. 48 W) with soldering tip (ø 1.5 mm), soldering iron holder with a sponge holder to insert the soldering tips into

Dimensions (WxDxH): 185 × 165 × 100 mm

Weight: 2 kg

89,95 €