Antenn, Bexia Bordsantenn UHF+VHF med LTE700-skydd

Televes BEXIA antenna, LTE700, 2nd Digital Dividend, black

Outdoor performance, indoors
BEXIA is an indoor DTT antenna with a sleek and stylish design using TForce with BOSS technology to match the performance of the best outdoor DTT antennas. There is no need to point BEXIA towards the signal, and its intelligent system offers a low power consumption.

The BOSS Tech system automatically controls the level of the received signal (either very high or very low) to always provide optimal output level. The new design using TForce technology makes this intelligent device even more versatile.

The antenna can be powered using the USB port of the TV, or with an standard smartphone charger (5V). So, a power injector and a USB-microUSB cable are included.

RED compliant

- Low power consumption in intelligent mode
- European electronics design and manufacturing
- In areas of good coverage, the antenna can also be operate in passive mode (without power)
- BEXIA can be powered using the USB port of the TV, or using a conventional smartphone charger (5V)
- LTE-Ready: equipped with LTE filters to avoid mobile phone signals caused by the use of 5G/4G devices in the environment

Dimensions: (WxDxH) 320 × 173 × 19.3 mm

Weight: 475 g

119,00 €