Magnet Wallet+ iPhone XR White

iDeal of Sweden Magnet Wallet+, Wallet Case for Apple iPhone XR, Credit Card Slots, White

This innovative mobile wallet fully replaces the wallet, holds a full 10 – 12st cards distributed on 6st card slots. A card slot is designed for ID cards with easy pull-up function for quick access. On the back of the mobile wallet there are two slim card compartments with ?easy access?, perfect for the most used cards with the easy access. Also suitable for commuter cards or similar as it is convenient to hold the phone directly against card readers. The card slots are neatly cut and made for easy access of the cards. The Magnet Wallet has a magnetic button closure which is much smoother than a regular button closure and safer than a regular magnetic closure without a button.

A high quality black standard cover is included, which allows you to easily remove your phone when you do not need the whole case. The shell can also be replaced with one of our mobile shells, all of which are magnetically compatible with our wallets and cases as part of Accessories of Attraction. The concept allows you to easily mix and match shells with cases and holders according to situation, style and needs.

- Holds up to 12 cards
- Banknote
- Slim design
- High quality black standard shell is included
- Smooth magnetic button closure
- Card slot adapted for ID cards with pull-up function
- Card slot on the back for quick access

3,45 €