Optapad Orginal - ergonomiskt optiskt styrdon, Silver/Svart

Optapad, Ergonomical optical actuator, 8 customizable buttons, touchpad, for Windows/Mac, black/silver

Optapad is an ergonomic mouse which gives you a strain free posture. The soft wing-shaped wrist rests and centered touchpad help you to find a relaxed position. Likewise enlarges easily both text and image for best visual ergonomics. The wrist rests are removable and replaceable. You operate  the touchpad with your fingers. Optapad uses the optical multi-sensing technology zForce, which operates through transmitters sending plane fields of light across the touch pad. Sensors register when the light beams are disrupted, e.g. by placing your finger on the pad. This makes for an incredible precision and allows you to use familiar gestures from smartphones and surf pads, e.g. tap, scroll, pinch, zoom and swipe. All 8 buttons and touch key areas gives you easy  access to commonly used actions and are all programmable to suit your own choices.

- Zoom in/out by draging your fingers apart/together on the touchpad
- Move the marker between serveral screens without stops or jumps like any other mouse
- Swipe between images with a sweeping two-fingre move
- Future proof, you can update your Optapad yourself
- Turn off functions on the touchpad without software
- No moving parts, durable and strong
- Optical technology gives a unique precision and speed
-? 8 Customizable buttons
- Unique ergonomic shape and design
- One of the thinnest on the market
- Easy to clean, soft, removable and replacable wrist supports
- Works for both Windows and Mac computers
- Manufactured in Sweden

Dimensions(WxDxH): 480×110×17mm
Weight: 690g

259,00 €