Delock 2.5? HDD / SSD Extension Frame

DeLOCK 2.5” HDD/SSD Extension Frame, adds 2.4mm height, black

This extension frame by Delock can be sticked onto a HDD / SSD hard drive to adjust the installation height. Therefore the hard disk can be adjusted to a different installation height, so that it can be installed in an external enclosure or a mobile rack, if it is required. The frame can be used together with an SSD that has an installation height of 7 mm. Thus it can be used in mobile racks that require an installation height of 9.5 mm. This ensures that the SSD can be inserted correctly in the mobile rack. Otherwise there can be problems with the mechanism of the mobile rack.

- Suitable for 2.5? HDDs / SSDs
- Height changing e.g.:
  from 7 mm to ca. 9,5 mm
  from 9,5 mm to ca. 12 mm
  from 12,5 mm to ca. 15 mm
- 3M adhesive pad on the buttom
- Dimensions (LxWxH): ca. 99.55 × 69.45 × 2.40 mm
- Material: plastic
- Colour: black

Package content
- Extension frame

- Poly bag

4,95 €