LED Back Cover for Galaxy S10 White

Samsung Galaxy S10 LED Cover, white

Mood lighting on your phone
When you turn your Galaxy S10e over on its front, the LED Cover lights up, fading in and out to provide a starry night-like light show for a minute.

Icons to keep you informed
The matrix LED notifies you of important things like phone calls, alarms, incoming texts, and your battery life.

Countdown to a great picture
Give the group notice before the shutter snaps. The LED shows a countdown on the rear, so you can prop up your phone, start the timer, and know exactly how much time you have to pose before it goes off.

Simply snap on
The LED Cover is powered up from the moment you put it on your phone, drawing its charge from the phone?s battery.

Package contents: LED Cover.

Dimensions: (WxDxH) 72,46 × 10,76 × 152,34 mm

Weight: 24,8 g

24,95 €