Nexa dosrelä, timerfunktion, MWMR-2300

NEXA MWMR-2300 relay, compatible with Nexa Bridge, timer setting, white

Built-in receiver for fixed installation. Small and compact size for placement in clutch or appliance box. Can be connected to existing switch with 230 VAC control. The receiver needs both phase and zero. The receiver has full compatibility with other products in System Nexa.

- Timer setting, 0/1/10/60/240 min
- Smart Mode * compatible
- Fits stair and switches
- Compatible with Nexa Bridge

Smart Mode: With devices that support “Smart Mode” you can save up to 3 different favorite scenarios that are easily activated with a Nexa “Smart Mode” transmitter / remote control.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 40×45×15mm

18,95 €