NXT Home T2

NEXA NXT-T2 HOME: Wall transmitter, 2 channels, 433.92MHz, for indoor use, white

NXT-2 HOME: Wall transmitter, 2 channels
Battery operated wall transmitter which is easily mounted on a flat surface with self-adhesive tape or with screw on top of a wall box. The wall transmitter can control ON / OFF and dimmer receivers. The NXT-T2 can have up to 10 NXT receivers and 10 System Nexa receivers connected to each channel.

NOTE! The wall transmitter comes without a frame with two sets of lashes in different white shades to fit all frames in the series ELKO RS, ELKO Plus and Schneider Exxact.

- Battery: 1×3V CR2032
- Memory locations: 10 pcs NXT + 10 pcs System Nexa
- Range, NXT to NXT: up to 300 meters
- Range, NXT to System Nexa: up to 30 meters
- Radio frequency: 433.92 MHz

Dimensions (WxDxH): 70×70×16mm

49,95 €