ELMER'S Glitter Slime Kit EMEA

Elmer’s “Glitter Slime Kit”, pink and purple glitter glue 177ml each

Elmer’s “Glitter Slime kit” has everything to do glittery slime. The pact contains:
- 1 bottle of pink glitter glue 177ml
- 1 bottle of purple glitter glue 177ml
- 2 bottles of magical liquid of 68ml.

Do this:
- Mix 2 parts glitter glue with 1 part Magical liquid.
- NOTE: First pour the glue into a bowl. Then add some Magical liquid and mix thoroughly.
- Continue adding magical liquuid and mix until the mucus has a nice consistency. (Then about 1 part of magical liquid should have been mixed in.)

24,95 €