Delock Adapter Displayport 1.2 male to HDMI female, 4K, acti

Delock Adapter Displayport 1.2 male to HDMI female, 4K, active, 3840×2160 at 30 Hz, black

This adapter enables you to connect e.g. a HDMI monitor through a free Displayport interface. The adapter supports a resolution up to Ultra HD (4K) and is backward compatible to Full-HD 1080p. The adapter offers an active conversion, thus it is also suitable for graphics cards that are not capable of outputting DP++ signals.

- Connector: Displayport 20 pin male, HDMI-A 19 pin female
- Chipset: Parade PS171
- Displayport 1.2 and High Speed HDMI specification
- Active converter, for graphics cards with DP and DP++ output
- Resolution up to 3840×2160 at 30 Hz (depending on the monitor and your system)
- Supports 3D displays (1080p at 120 Hz)
- Supports HDCP 1.3
- Supports Eyefinity
- Audio input formats: 8-channel LPCM, compressed audio (AC-3, DTS) and
  HBR audio format up to 24 Bit audio sample size and 192 kHz sample rate
- Gold-plated connector
- 1 x ferrite core
- Cable length: ca. 20 cm (without connector)
- OS independent, no driver installation necessary
- System requirements: A free female Displayport

29,95 €